Essence: dark matter, dark energy
Galaxydide: KATO
Personification: lion
Color: black
There is the beginning and the end of the cycle of the universe, is the same and is reborn in dark matter and energy. Unspeakable, its influence on the world is strongest, even when separated from other Guardians. Because of its homogeneity and prevalence can feel literally the whole world, from this dark matter and energy are the most desirable phenomena, as subjugating them can control everything around.

Adam wishes no harm to anyone and does not use his power unnecessarily, but the longer he lives and interacts with other beings, he realizes that they do not deserve to be treated differently. He is pursued, tried to catch, subdued, tricked, and in any way swayed to his side in solving his petty worldly problems. Whereas he was originally more open to learning new things, to communicating and exploring worlds, he now desires to be at a distance, to have no intimate acquaintances, to be indebted to anyone.

Adam spends most of his time with his companion Luna, it is with her initiative that he still stays in the ordinary world and does not lose contact with it completely. Together they gain new knowledge, change with their surroundings and do not lose their humanity.