Essence: gravity
Galaxydide: U.
Personification: lynx
Color: golden.
There is a fifth stage of the universe's reference. It is reborn as gravity, the force that binds the entire universe together and prevents it from disintegrating. The moon unites the different worlds together, its hair as a symbol of the countless ways that link all worlds together. Adam could not have created the Moon without giving part of himself, otherwise she would have been mortal, like everything in this world except the Guardians, so she is a Light energy without a specific form, her image changing at Adam's will or if she herself asks for any image. But in her features one can see Adam's features: she is also a member of the feline family and to some extent an undefined species mixed with the lion.
The Moon is Adam's companion, she is dependent on him and changes in him are reflected in her, they have a very delicate emotional connection, so any separation is bound to be detrimental to the Moon. She has borne it harder in the past than she does in the present, when she can stand up for her Maker just as well as he stands up for her.