To do list

This is a list of the order queue and their progress. The status is updated after each step passed with the customer. If there are a lot of orders, the statuses may be updated less frequently. If orders are in multiple columns, they will have a sequence number written on them.


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Status Description

  • Unstarted - order has been added to the queue. The status may be updated out of order depending on the complexity of the particular order.
  • Sketch - order sketch is complete and awaits the customer's approval.
  • Model art - vtuber-model order is at the stage of drawing the final look of the model.
  • Art - order is in the process of drawing the final look of the art.
  • Rigging - vtuber model is in the rigging stage.
  • Animation - animation creation stage.
  • Review - order is under review by the customer.
  • Editing - customer has made corrections and it takes time to make them.
  • Finished - order complete.
  • Postponed - order is frozen and out of queue until it is needed by the customer. If there is no response from the customer for a long time, the order is canceled.

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