Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does the vtube model work?
    The vtube-model works through special programs that get the necessary data from your webcam or microphone and it makes your avatar move. You can see how avatars work in this video:

  2. The character's eyes close when I look down, how do I fix this?
    You need to set up your face capture camera individually. You are looking down and for the camera your eyes are closed, so the character covers them. It's best not to lean too far to the sides so that the program captures you better.

  3. My character seems to freeze and does not respond to my movements for a while, what is this about?
    You move too fast and so the camera doesn't have time to capture your movements, the avatar resets until face capture is returned. It is better not to move abruptly, to shoot video in a well-lit place and to have a camera with good recording quality.

  4. In which program will the avatar work?
    Avatar will work perfectly in Prprlive, which is a free program on Steam. It will also work in other programs, but there may be some problems and additional settings in the program itself.

  5. What about FaceRig? How does the avatar work there?
    I do not recommend using FaceRig because it is a heavy load on the system and is not very well configured for Live2D models.

  6. What are the best programs to use for vtuber avatars?
    It is better to use Animaze (FaceRig analog) or other programs for vtube: Prprlive, Vtube Studio.

  7. What are the file parameters?
    Standart texture size 2048x2048px Main file format moc3 and additional json Icon 500x500, but you can buy larger files.

  8. What is the best camera for Vtuber?
    The best camera for recording - Iphone with FaceID using VtubeStudio. When choosing a webcam look at the resolution of the sensor. The bigger the resolution, the better your face will be visible and the better the motion capture will be. I mostly use the Logitech HD Webcam C270.

  9. What is the difference between animated emotion and ordinary emotion?
    There are three types of emotions:
    1. These are emotions that depend on your facial expression, for example you can frown your eyebrows or smile broadly and the avatar will do the same.
    2. Emotions that change your face with the push of a button. Usually these are emotions that require constant display, as well as additional details, such as reddening of the face, a different shape of the mouth or eyes.
    3. Emotions that are reproduced by pressing a button, play and end by themselves, or have endless repetition, such as dripping tears, fire from anger, etc.

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