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Information for customers
So, I found out from BMC and fiverr tech support that I can keep money there as long as I want and not withdraw it. Yes, this is not the best option for me, but the main thing is that it will solve the problem for my customers (partially of course, because with PayPal it does not compare). I can make orders at the same pace and with the same prices (on fiverr I have to take the commission on myself)

You can still order by calculating everything you need in the calculator and writing me. But now the options for payment are:

My price calculator:
If I can't resolve the domain issue (it may be disabled because I can't pay for it), the link will work with the standard domain of my site

I prefer this option because on fiverr you will be 100% sure that our transaction will be successfully completed as there I will create an offer for you and payment will only take place when you confirm delivery of your order to you. You will not need to send me money on trust alone, everything will be protected for both you and me. Fiverr has only one disadvantage - it has a very high commission of 20% for me. But since I do not want to stop working, I will take orders at the cost of orders in the calculator. On the most fiverr I will not change the price (for those who found me there) as it keeps the flow of customers and not gather too long line of orders.
There also can leave a tip, if you suddenly want to help me and pay off a little order commission.
I want to create a comfortable environment for you, as well as it will help me to develop my profile there, build a portfolio (if you give permission after delivery to display your order on my page). I will be happy to see you there and work with you there.
Fiverr link https://www.fiverr.com/klabiama

This is a freer option, you can pay either just by donating or by buying a bundle with an avatar. The bundle is not flexible, but it has the advantage that there is a discount for subscribers, and the bundle itself is cheaper than if you collect the same parameters in the calculator. Over time I'll add more bundles there so there's more choice for you.
BMC link https://www.buymeacoffee.com/klabiama
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