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Payment info
At this point, I have one last possible payment option left on Buy me a coffee. All my work continues at the same pace as before, but I will not be able to work with invoices or on Fiverr for now until the problems with my country are resolved. I don't know how long it might last, but I have thought it over and have come up with a pretty good plan to work for BMC.

● First, I will create bundles for customers in which a certain number of settings are already included, which usually could be chosen in the calculator. Also, these bundles will cost less than the same bundle built in the calculator in order to motivate people to choose them. Also, there are discounts for subscribers to my extras.

● Second, I will work with individual slots. You choose the appropriate settings for you in the calculator, create an order on YCH and send me the completed form. I work with you as usual, showing you all the steps of the work until the full completion. In the case of avatars, you will redeem a slot created especially for you and your completed order files will be included there. I hope this system will be safe for customers, as they will know that the order is complete and all they have to do is redeem it.

● Thirdly, since I can no longer fully develop my fiverr, with your support and working with me at BMC I may be able to build a community there, which means also replenishing the store with finished models more often! Make assets and even ready-made templates so that you can create your own avatar based on them.
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