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Payment methods

⭐ - Priority methods

● BUY ME A COFFEE [link]

- You can simply send me a tip for the amount of your order.
- Or I can create a slot for you with your order and you buy it.
- Also you can just buy a bundle with your order from the list.

● BOOSTY [link]

- You can send me a tip in the "for commissions" goal.
- You will need to specify the amount in rubles.

● PAYONEER [link]

I can bill the same way I do on PayPal.
To make this method work, you are required to:
- Have an business account on payoneer. 
- Send me your first name, last name, email, country (and state for USA residents).
- You will receive an invoice in your email and have to pay it.

◆ Without prepayment, your order has low priority and is filled if there are no other prepaid orders in the queue.
◆ You can make any prepayment to get your order done on time, otherwise it may be delayed if there are other prepaid orders. ◆ It is possible to pay in installments.
◆ If you make a 100% prepayment, your order is placed first.

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