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At the moment I am in the process of relocation, so the turnaround time has increased and may take a month or more. There is already a waiting list for vtuber model orders and updates, so if you want an update or model sooner, you better take a slot in the queue now. Just email me as you do for normal ordering, I will make myself a task and everything will be as usual, only I will start to fulfill it as soon as possible (it may take a month, two or more)

After the move, I will have to bring back PayPal and Fiverr, where you will be able to pay for orders without any problems. But so far the only payment methods available are Boosty and Buy me a Coffee.

● You can simply send me a tip for the amount of your order.
● Or I can create a slot for you with your order and you buy it.
● You can submit an assignment on the Commissions page
● You can send me a tip in the "for commissions" goal.
● You will need to specify the amount in rubles.
● You can simply send me a tip for the amount of your order.

◆ Without prepayment, your order has low priority and is filled if there are no other prepaid orders in the queue.
◆ You can make any prepayment to get your order done on time, otherwise it may be delayed if there are other prepaid orders.
◆ It is possible to pay in installments.
◆ If you make a 100% prepayment, your order is placed first.

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